Salerno is very well known for its Medical School which was the first Medical Institute in Europe in the beginning of the IX Century. As such, it is considered to be a precursor of the modern Universities. One of the most famous medical books was “Regimen Sanitatis Salerni”. The original version was written in Latin language, later on it was translated in almost all European idioms.

Departure from your hotel by bus or minibus for Salerno sightseeing tour. The tour in Salerno will start at the Arechi Castle where a breaktaking panorama can be enjoyed. Later on the tour will continue in the suggestive and wonderful historical centre of the town. In here it is possible to behold the traces of the city history, the ardour in craft workshops and typical places. The recovery of ancient heart of the town is based on the rediscovery of the art and culture treasures, typical of this remarkable land. Visitors can catch a glimpse of past through lanes and squares, churches and palaces, the perception of images witnessing the vicissitudes occurred during the past time. It is the demonstration of a past splendour, economic social and cultural wealth of past centuries. Next step is the visit on foot to St. Matthew Cathedral where a guided tour is organized to visit the Cathedral entrance. The 17th Century stairway brings to the Gate of the Lions, built in the 11th Century and to the arab style entrance hall. Here the famous bell tower dated back to the year 1145 and the four arcades with medieval sarcophagi can be admired. If possible the crypt will be visited as well. Visit to Roberto Papi’s Museum where it is possible to find rare examples of ancient medical instruments. A lovely stroll through the historical centre of Salerno and the “Merchants Lane” where the most prestigious goldsmiths of the area have their labs.

Free time for shopping.

Return to the hotel.

Location Salerno
Type of excursion Cultural - panoramic – shopping
Excursion start time: From Salerno 09:00 a.m.
From Paestum / Agropoli 08:00 a.m.
Duration: From Salerno 4 hours approx.
From Paestum / Agropoli 5 hours approx.
Starting location: Hotel
Return location: Hotel
Type of transport: Bus, Minibus or coach
Minimum number of partecipants: 2
Maximum number of partecipants: 50
Abbigliamento/ attrezzatura consigliata: Casual, comfortable shoes, sun hat / umbrella  (depending on the time of the year)

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